Frangipani Love

My Love For Frangipani

I think I first fell in love with this flower when I was a little girl and loved to string these pretty flowers strewn all over our lawn. Temple flowers we called them. They were white with yellow centres. Pretty, with a pleasing fragrance and so easily available.


Somewhere down the line, I associated these flowers with simplicity, a value I sought to have in my own life.

When we had our simple wedding, a hundred guests, a very small number by Indian standards, we had these flowers placed on each table, floating in water in small glass bowls. Again we paid nothing for the flowers – they were so abundantly available for free.


It was only later that I learnt its name – plumeria or frangipani.

For the last few years, the flower has adorned the header of my other blog, Everyday Gyaan, simply because I found it so pretty. Later I learnt there was a symbolism behind the  five petals of the flower. Supposedly, they represent five qualities of necessary for psychological perfection: sincerity, faith, aspiration, devotion and surrender.*  A perfect fit for what I try to write about.


When our eyes are opened to something, it seems that we find that thing all around us. So now, I see frangipani and I can’t resist snapping a picture of the flower. I realized too that they come in a variety of colours and the petal shapes differ slightly.

Today I’m sharing my frangipani love with you. Enjoy!



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